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Meet The Optometrist

 Meet Zionsville Optometrist, Dr. Nytarsha Thomas

Dr. Thomas

A licensed optometrist, Dr. Thomas completed her undergraduate degree at Texas Southern University in Houston, TX, where she received a full scholarship to study Chemistry. After graduation, she was accepted into Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) in Philadelphia, PA, where she received her doctoral degree in Optometry (OD). Always striving for excellence, Dr. Thomas also received a second Bachelor of Science, this time in Vision Science from PCO.

Dr. Thomas has studied extensively across the United States while perfecting her craft. She has completed several rotations across the country emphasizing different specialties including vision therapy and pediatric optometry, brain injury, low vision, and recognition and treatment of eye diseases. Because of her appreciation for the sacrifices of our military heroes, Dr. Thomas also completed an extensive rotation at Wilkes-Barre Veteran's Hospital in northern Pennsylvania.

Dr. Thomas works hard to stay current on the latest advances in eye health and vision care and regularly attends continuing education seminars and advanced training courses. It is because of Dr. Thomas's dedication to continuing education that our Zionsville patients receive the most modern and progressive vision care available.

Dr. Thomas lives in Zionsville, IN, where she enjoys spending time with her husband, Tobe and their dog Capri while exploring all that Indianapolis has to offer. 

Tobe Thomas

Tobe Thomas joined his wife in achieving a long time dream of owning their own optometry practice. Tobe completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from San Francisco State University. While he enjoys engineering, his true passion is aviation, and he has been a professional aviator since 2007. He is currently an airline pilot based at the Indianapolis International Airport.

In his spare time, Tobe enjoys playing soccer and basketball. He also loves traveling and returns quite often to California to spend time with family and friends. He currently lives in Zionsville, IN, where he enjoys spending time with his wife Dr. Nytarsha Thomas, and their dog Capri.

Lydia Wood

Lydia joined us at Visionelle Eyecare as an Indiana transplant from Atlanta. She has quickly become indispensable to Visionelle, as she loves taking care of our patients. Because of her caring nature, she has started a non-profit organization, Freedom K9 Project, a service dog organization providing therapy for victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence.

Here's a little more about Lydia...

1. Would you rather see the future or read minds? See the future. That's So Raven still influences my choices as an adult.

2. What was your dream occupation as a child? Inventor. Of what, nobody knows.

3. What is your dream vacation? Who would you take with you? I'd go to Japan with my friend McKenna. It would be the most expensive fangirling experience of my life.

4. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month which would it be? Avatar the Last Air Bender

5. If you could live in a mystical literary world, which would it be? Narnia. I've always wanted to be able to talk to animals. 

Savannah Zwicker

Savannah is a native of Noblesville, Indiana where she resided before relocating to Zionsville and has lived here ever since! She recently graduated from Zionsville High School and is currently studying to become an optician. In her spare time she likes to spend time with her family, friends and take photos.

A little more about Savannah...

1. Who is your celebrity look alike? I am told at least twice a week that I look like Jessie James Decker.

2. If you had to be trapped in a T.V. show for a month which one would it be? Well I absolutely LOVE Greys Anatomy so I would definitely choose that show, but only if I get to be a NeuroSurgeon with McDreamy.

3. If you could live in a mystical world which would you choose? I would definitely choose 'The Shire' because it is the most beautiful place ever and I absolutely adore the entire Hobbit series.

4. What is your astrological sign? I am a Virgo with a Cancer moon. It is more interesting if you dig into your natal chart rather than just going by what your birth month and day tells you though. I feel as though everyone should check it out!

Elenita Blackwell

Elenita is an Indianapolis native and has over 7 years of optometric experience. She graduated from Indiana University with a major in Apparel Merchandising and minor in Business. She is a certified optician, a certified eyelash technician, and soon to be esthetician. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and friends, traveling, shopping, and cooking.

A little more about Elenita...

1.  What is your favorite starbucks drink?  Coffee Frappucino with a shot of espresso and whip cream on top.

2.  Which of the four seasons do you love or hate?  I absolutely love spring/summer.  If I could live in spring/summer weather for the rest of my life, I would be okay with that.

3.  How old were you when you needed your first pair of glasses? How did you feel?  I was in the second grade and I hated them!  They didn't have cute frames for kids like they do today.  I never wore them and squinted for years until I got contact lenses.

4.  If you retire tomorrow, what will you do?  I would sell everything and travel all over the world for the rest of my life!

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